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My Story

IO6803 LLC came into being when I consciously began improving my life from deep, self-healing.  In order to better serve others I knew that I needed to first start working from the inside out; hence the IO.  I also came to realize that all of my Colorado roots, tangled or not,  had helped make me the woman I am today; hence the 6803, a tribute to being able to see my past from an altitude of 6,803 feet, the elevation of the ranch I was raised on.  From continuing this internal work - I look towards nature as a role model to open, blossom, seed, repeat. 


It is my mission in life is to serve as completely and genuinely as I can. I have found great satisfaction in working as an Open Palm Therapy (OPT) therapist and registered nurse (RN). I believe the avenues of serving are endless, it just takes a soul driver with the ego in the passenger seat, a faithful heart, and an intuitive sense of flowing with, versus against, the larger currents of one's life. 

Zen Stones
Buddha Statue

My Approach

OPT treats both acute and chronic pain. Koryo, or Korean, Hand Therapy (KHT) is the foundation of OPT.  KHT is a micro meridian map on the hands that represents all 346 reflex acupressure points along with the 14 micro-meridian systems developed by Dr. Tae-Woo Yoo in 1971.  OPT combines KHT's non-invasive acupressure therapy  with other proven healing, holistic modalities.  


OPT is truly empowering due to the immediate and  consistent pain relief it provides.  OPT also has minimal, to no, side-effects and KHT can be quickly taught, at a Correspondence level, so that the individual can to treat their own pain.

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