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Open Hand Therapy

Enhance Wellness through Personal Empowerment


  Open Hand Therapy is a highly effective acupressure method performed solely on the hands. This treatment has proven to reduce pain, increase circulation, address common health complaints, and improve overall wellness.

"No one should ever profit from suffering"


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Holding Hands
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OHtx Initial Consolutation

A Better Option for Pain Management and Optimal Health

OHtx Follow-up Treatments

Become Health empowered

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Manage your clients' Pain / Receive CEus (RNs, PT, MT, and OT)


"I wanted to let you know that Open Hand Therapy has worked for me.  Your use of hand therapy has eliminated the back pain that has caused such discomfort in the past   I am a new man."

C. F. Aerospace Engineer

You are an angel and your therapy is magical; I was comfortable enough, after my car accident, to finish a packed surgical day. I want to work with you to provide patient care post-operatively.

Dr. C.W. Surgeon

Okay, Janiece, it's official. I have experienced the first long stretch of days without a headache in quite some time.... I like this new place I am in being able to affect my well being.

T. U. RN - OR Nurse

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